Beware of Foot Scams

Guys are constantly getting ripped off by these feet clips. Learn what you have to do to protect yourself. It may cost you a little money to learn all the tips and tricks from an insider, but I promise it will save you in the long run.

Our Foot Freak Slave

Princess Amber, Goddess Maci and I went shopping. We had super sexy outfits ons so we had to wear super hot high heels to match our outfits. Dumb idea, our feet were hurting so bad after. I'm not sure why we didn't each have a slave crawling on their hands and knees as we sat on their backs getting a ride... oh yeah then we would actually have to be seen in public with those losers. Lol!! NEVER MIND!

So we get back to the Mean Girl Manor and decide to use the slave kneeling naked in the corner to worship our feet till they felt better. We totally forgot how big of a foot freak it was! Like OMG!!! The freak took so long just taking my sweaty boots off then smelling my stinky boots and sopping wet stocking feet. 

We planned on a foot worship session so our feet felt better. If we would have let that freak worship our feet the way it wanted to, we would have been there all darn day and night. 

I don't get it!!!! Like I know our feet are perfect, just like the rest of us but feet???

Whatever! At least we didn't have sore feet after. Honestly though I think that freak would beat its own mother just to be able to kiss one of our feet, just once. It's got it bad! I see foot fetishes all day everyday, specially with how insanely perfect my feet are, but this freak takes it to an entirely new level. Hahaha

When you watch this clip you will see our slave is in heaven worshiping all our feet. But you will also see us laughing non stop at how ridiculous it is. It got to start with taking my boots off and worshiping my sweaty stocking feet, then take Princess Amber's heels off and do the same, Then Goddess Maci's heels and thigh highs. Then the freak was able to go back and take all our thigh highs off and worship all of our perfect bare feet. Jeez no wonder it was in heaven, that freak can now diie happy!!! Lol!

Well enjoy our perfect feet, almost as much as or foot freak did. Baha

Do you have a foot fetish? Are you a foot freak and obsessed with our feet as much as our loser? You know you can have the opportunity to worship or feet too. Start by sending a Minimum $50 tribute and email me telling me what you would do just for the opportunity to worship any or all our perfect feet. Then beg me!

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Round 2 Geezer Whipping

I'm sure by now you all watched the first geezer Beat Down clip I posted back in April. If you haven't watched it you better go buy it NOW!!! It was a brutal beat down by Princess Carmela and I and the old fuck actually blacked and konked out after he couldn't handle my ball busting. (Which let's all be real for a second... There aren't many males on this planet that can actually take MY BALL KICKS!)

Well I truly do love beating this old sack of k9 logs. I have actually brought him on as one of my pain slaves so I can harm and hurt him as often as I want to... It's actually pretty amazing and abusing him is fast becoming one of my favorite things I do to pass time. LOL!

This was my geezer slaves second trip to the Mean Girl Manor to serve me. He is realllllllly fucking stupid and says a lot of dumb crud just to piss me off. So by the end of this trip a lot of anger and frustration had built up. I couldn't severely beat him till the end, so I tortured him a little bit everyday. I figured this wrinkly sack of verbal diarrhea would be completely useless to me if I went crazy on him before the very end of it's trip.

This clip is the first half of round 2 geezer beat down. 

I invited Princess Mia over to join in my fun. It was only fair for me to have her come out to play with me since she had to put up with the geezers stupidity the day she came to the Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Mia and I have a blast whipping geezer over and over again with different types of crops, paddles and whips. 

Maybe one day you will have the balls to come out to the Mean Girl Manor and let us play with you?!?! Probably not though. LOL!


Goddess Platinum

Chewing You Out

After this clip you might think I have a mouth like A sewer, but that’s just because I’m talking to one. You fucking faggot, I’m fed up with your dumbass- and I’m going to tell you exactly what the fuck is wrong with you today. You’ve been acting like an asshole your whole life just so you can have some woman like me tell you off. What, it makes your dick hard or something to get yelled at by a hot girl like me? That is so WEIRD you FREAK! Let me tell you exactly what I think about you...

Testicles For Profit

I have been working really hard making content, editing content, and running the Mean Girls Clip Stores. I watch sales really closely, all the time.

I notice that ballbusting clips always sell really well. I decided to do a clip with Princess Amber and let our pathetic slaves know that I will be using their testicles for my profit. We informed them that people love watching us destroy all our loser's balls. 

I also wanted to make it very clear that we do not give a fuck about their balls or anything else about them and all that really matters is how much money We are making from destroying their testicles

Then of coarse Princess Amber and I had to kick them all in the balls over and over as hard as we could... to make Us more money and because we absolutely love ballbusting our slaves. LOL!


Goddess Platinum

Bring Your Homework Slave To School

You all know we are Mean Girls. We own slaves... Lots of slaves. We own slaves for different things. For example one slave may actually be smart and great at homework but another is just dumb as a box of rocks and only good for beating... I think you get the big picture. Lol!

Anyways it was a school day for Princess Amber and Goddess Maci. They are still young and always learning to be better at using, walking all over and beating... males.

Both Goddess Maci and Princess Amber have homework slaves but if you ask me I think Goddess Maci got the short end of the stick when it comes to homework slaves. Poor Goddess Maci got the old and decrepit slave. It was good and smart back in its prime but the old goof can barely remember its name half the time. 

But around Mean Girl Manor High we take everything as a learning and teaching experience. So when Goddess Maci's homework slave forgot to do her homework again, we used it as a chance to teach Goddess Maci how we treat dumb slaves and teach the old, useless, pathetic slave what happens when you are disobedient.  

I'm sure by know you know we beat the dumb and disobedient slaves. LOL! And that's exactly what we did. I don't deal well with excuses. I don't care how old that slave is... it needed to be taught a lesson, one it would never forget. Hahaha 

I'm sure you will enjoy Goddess Maci and Princess Amber's sexy school girl outfits as much as you will enjoy watching us teach that old fart a lesson.


Goddess Platinum  

Shoe Dangling and Dipping with Skylar

It’s impossible for losers like you to resist anything that involves My feet *hair flip - duh, they’re perfect, just like Me*. your obsession with My feet has sank to a whole new level of pathetic. That’s why I made this clip just for you, foot freak! Get ready to be seduced with a sexy foot tease and exclusive close-ups you won’t find anywhere else!

It's Trample Time

I woke up the this morning with a craving... Not a craving for food but a craving to walk all over one of my slaves. Not just walk all over... I mean I wanted to restrain a specific slave and just trample the life out of it! I wanted to dig my heels in its stupid body and literally jump on it till it begged me to stop, or its body just completely gave out. Lol!

I guess you could say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or the right side of the bed depending on who you ask. Hahahaha

So of coarse I did exactly that. I restrained my fav trample slave with cuffs and even decided to wrap its legs with saran wrap, to ensure it laid there and took whatever I gave it no matter how bad it hurt.

I know... I know... You think I am sooooo mean and cruel, but duh! I am a Mean Girl!!! Lol! I always think it's so funny when people say that I am so mean and I am being rude. Really? What did you think? Did you think you were reaching out to the Nice Girls? Hahaha

Back to my morning. I restrained the loser and made it lay there and wait till I was ready. I bet it was terrified lying there restrained and helpless. I love that! I love striking even more fear than normal into these pathetic slaves. It makes whatever I am about to do to them way more fun if you just leave it laying there all alone, bound and helpless. I bet its heart starts racing when it's just left to think and wonder what I am going to do to it. 

I trampled my slave till it literally started to cry and beg me to stop. But when it started to cry and beg me to stop, I started to jump more and make it kiss my heels. The very heels I was digging into its intestines. 

I definitely fed my craving and it was a lot of fun like always. Hmmmm maybe I will have to do it all over again tomorrow. It was an awesome way to start my day.


Goddess Platinum 

Piggy Nips

I found out that my piggy slave has really sensitive nipples so of coarse I had to mess with it!!!

I had never done a nipple torture session before this. 

I looked through my little tickle trunk of fun toys, (more like a giant walk in closet of fun toys.) and found a few fun things to torture my slave's nipples with.

I found some clothes pins and some super strong, chained nipple clamps. Lol!

My slave hated this session but I had fun like always... and that's really all that matters is ME!!!

I went online after and picked out a bunch of fun nipple torture devices, (then made one of my slaves pay for them.) so my next nipple play/ nipple destroying session will be a lot more brutal. Hahaha


Goddess Platinum

PS... as you see I'm always into trying fun new things so if you have a clip idea, send me a MINIMUM $50 tribute (circlepay or amazon gift card) and what you want to see. ***If you don't send a tribute first, you will get ignored!***

HAHA I Made You Late Again

Good morning sunshine! I see you have some morning wood again! Let's take care of that before you leave for work

Cock Abuse

Obviously it's well known that I'm a Mean Girl.Lol! The Mean Girls own a lot of slaves and then we each have our own personal slaves as well. I have 4 personal slaves that I use on a daily basis. I get 100's of messages from pathetic losers like you begging for me to accept it as a personal slave, (we all do!) But I am extremely picky as to who I actually allow in my presence and what purpose they will serve. All the other Mean Girls are picky too.

Soooo I'm sure you have noticed one of my newest personal slaves... geezer. it is a really good pain slave! I beat it alllll the time! But it is stupid af! I swear sometimes it sends me these messages just to piss me off and I'm pretty sure it knows it will get beat for them. Hahahaha

The night before I shot this clip that geezer, stupid ass slave sent me a bunch of ridiculous messages. There is no way it didn't know it would get beat for them... maybe that's why it does such stupid stuff like the messages. It's like a little ked, any attention is good attention. Doesn't matter if it's good attention or it's realllllllly bad attention, like the attention I give geezer. I guess it figures as long as I am beating it I am paying attention to it.Âp>

Wow just saying that out loud makes me think about how really freaking pathetic geezer is. But I do really love beating it... I just can't stress how much joy it really does bring me.Hehehehe geezer is really lucky I own its ass, it's probably the only reason it is still alive. I keep geezer alive so I get to play with it another day. If I didn't own it and it was only a one time thing it would be a rough ending for geezer.

I was laughing at geezer while beating it. Bahahaha I always laugh at geezer but you will see in this clip, I couldn't stop laughing at it. When I tell geezer to close its eyes and put it's hands on its old wrinkly head, you would think I was asking him to do backflips or something impossible. LOL! Just plain DUMB!!!Âem>

The other reason I couldn't stop laughing at geezer was how insanely terrified of me it is... really?!?!!! it wants to be scared now but it had giant balls the night before. Lol!!! Giant balls when it sent me all those stupid messages that it knew it would get beat for. Watch the look of fear as soon as I walk close to geezer. You will laugh too. It's like a bad pooch that gets beat for doing bad things, then the pooch shakes when the owner that beats it comes close... yeah kinda like that, but then you add in geezers dumb faces it makes all the time and I can't help but laugh at it. Lol! I'm laughing right now just picturing geezer, the faces, the look of fear and the shaking.

I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I enjoy beating my geezer slave!!!


Goddess Platinum

Soccer Mean Girls Style

Princess Amber and I decided we wanted to get outside and get active. We also thought it would be a lot of fun to bring 3 of our slaves out to play with us. 

Well what better way to get active and include our slaves then soccer?!?! Soccer has been my favorite sport since I was a little Goddess girl.(Let's be real for a second, you know I was born to be a Goddess and I had little boys doing whatever I wanted, even when I was just a young little girl. LOL! Nothing was different back then, I always treated them horrible. Hahaha)

Princess Amber and I picked out sexy soccer outfits with matching thigh high socks, because we always have to look hot. 

We pulled the slaves out to the garage by each of its leash and collar. We had a blast trying to nail them in the balls with our soccer ball, over and over and over again. Lol!!!

I used to be a phenomenal soccer player but I was definitely a little rusty. Princess Amber never played soccer before and she had beginners luck. We had so much fun!!! We also took full advantage of having our slaves cuffed and blindfolded, we got in a bunch of hard testicle kicks too, We couldn't resist. 

Anyways we had so much fun playing soccer with our slaves that we decided tomorrow we are going to try baseball!!! Can't wait!

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Edging To A Special Day

You have to look a this video everyday till Christmas. You have to edge for one min longer every day till December 24th. and don't just cum on Christmas eve either!! Because I will have more instructions for you by then...

Electric Geezer Dick

I was shopping online the other day and found this crazy, fun looking, device.

Its an electrical chastity device. It has all these different settings to send electrical currents through pathetic little dicks. And it just so happens that ALL my slaves have pathetic little dicks. LOL

But I figured who better to test it out on then my pathetic old geezer slave. It absolutely hates any form of CBT. Hahaha

This will be the true test to see how well this dick-shocking chastity device really does work. 

Let's just say my geezer slave hated this device and I honestly think it didn't want to play with me anymore after I took my time going through each and every mode - a few times - and maxing the voltage out every time!


Goddess Platinum 

Clean Our Converse Bitch

Princess Amber and I were hanging out on the couch when I noticed how gross and dirty my Converse shoes were. Princess Amber's shoes were dirty too but not nearly as disgusting as mine were.

We snapped our fingers and the closest pathetic slave kneeling in the corner got the honors of licking our filthy Converse clean with its big fat tongue.

Princess Amber was disgusted with the wet marks the foot freak left with its tongue so when it was all done licking our shoes clean, we let the loser know we were taking its credit card to go buy new sneakers. LOL!

Obviously it said yes... It would never be stupid enough to say no to us. Hahaha


Goddess Platinum

Mean Dom Nice Dom

Together we are going to mind fuck and bully you to the brink of ruin. We are going to drive you insane and your are going to love every minute of it. Think of us as the "good cop/bad cop" of your life. You do what Goddess Platinum says or face the wrath of Princess Skylar! You are totally our bitch now...

What Hurts More Loser?

Princess Mia and I were hanging out the other day and I was curious as to what she thought hurts worse... Caning or whipping??? 

Obviously neither Princess Mia nor I had ever been caned or whipped in our lives so we decided we would do a little experiment on one of our pathetic slaves. Lol!!!

We caned and whipped, whipped and caned it... we even added in some paddles and crops... we could NOT get a straight answer out of it. So we kept on beating it, over and over and still no straight answer.

Eventually after beating it stupid we gave up and decided we are going to have to use a smarter slave for our experiment. Lol!

But I will tell you one thing... We had a blast and laughed our asses off while beating our stupid slave. Hahahaha


Goddess  Platinum

Ass Smother Geezer

Geezer was annoying Princess Mia again... So Princess Mia dragged it into the room I was doing work in and we decided that it was time to try to finish it off for good. LOL!

geezer had never ever done face sitting in its life so it had no idea what it was in for. We smothered the crud out of it. We even moved that freak around to get the best position to make sure it couldn't get any oxygen and it had to struggle and suffer.

We were really shocked at how much fight that old wrinkled sack of fuck had left in him. We thought for sure we could end it after just a few minutes. But no, it just struggled and struggled.

We got annoyed with how long it was taking to knock that loser off for good so we gave up and went to look for a weapon. LOL! We don't like working hard for anything. Specially when it's towards that pathetic old geezer that pisses us off everyday. 

Enjoy watching geezer struggle for air. Hahahaha!!!


Goddess Platinum

Worship the Golden Princess

you don’t deserve this view, loser. Buy this clip then get on your knees on the ground where you belong and thank Me for existing.

Cum Sunday

Princess Mia and I were sitting around the Mean Girl Manor Sunday really bored. We were going over ideas of stuff to do and nothing really peaked our interest. Then we remembered we had my geezer slave locked up in the backyard. LOL!

We really can't stand my geezer slave. He sucks at foot worship, he smells like old people, (half deadd) He likes to do stuff just to piss us off... he just gets under our skin. 

We were thinking of ways to humiliate it even more then we normally do. Hmmmmmmm What could we do worse to him then when I made him suck the other new slaves dick???

Hahahah all of a sudden it came to us when we heard one of our chastity slaves moan in pain, again. 

Princess Mia and I decided we would be really nice to our chastity slave for a couple of minutes and let it out of chastity. We even decided we were going to actually let it cum for once. I think it's been years since we let that freak jerk off and actually cum. We are only letting it cum ONLY because we need its cum for our brilliant humiliation plan.

We let the chastity loser out and made it jerk off like the little hairy monkey it is and we had it cum in a cup. While it was jerking off I unchained geezer from the back yard and dragged it into the bar area.

Once we had our cum in a cup I forced geezer's mouth open while Mia poured the cum in it's mouth.Lol!!!She made sure he got every last drop of cum. Then we forced that pathetic old fuck to swallow it down like a little whore.

After we were done humiliating it we sent it away like a bad pooch.

Oh don't worry we didn't forget about our hairy little chastity slave. We iced his tiny little dick back into submission and I forced his chastity cage back on where it belongs.

LOL! And there you have an oh so fun and very humiliating CUM SUNDAY!!!!

Goddess Platinum